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CLICK HERE to sign up for Summer 2016 service hours!!!

October 26, 2016:

Welcome to the Inwood CSA web site! You can use the links on the left hand side to find out more about our group.

Signups are closed for the 2016 CSA

If you would like information on joining the CSA for the 2017 season, please drop us a line at and reference "Inwood CSA mailing list" in the subject line. We will add you to our mailing list.

Please bear in mind that there is a service requirement for members over the course of the season. In 2016, this requirement is FOUR hours per share. If you are short of this requirement by two or more hours, you should have an email in your inbox - if you know you are short hours, but have no email, please drop us a line because that means we don't have correct contact info for you. Sign up at

Delivery for 10/27/16:

In this Week's Share:

Salad Mix
Butternut Squash

Fruit Shares Only:

Apple Cider
Bartlett Pears

For a review of what we received in previous years, check out our historical pages. To see pictures of what we received last year, as well as the Hawthorne Valley Farm newsletters, please click here. Our "2009 Share History" page, includes pictures, lists of items in each share, and HVF and Inwood CSA Community newsletters! Click here. Info on 2010 shares is posted here. And you can find pictures, newsletters, and lists of what was in the 2011 share week by week here.

News from Lewis Waite Farm:
Delivery dates and ordering deadlines for the summer/fall CSA season:
Delivery 11/3 - order coffee/cheese by 10/30, all other products by 10/31

Note that the cutoff time for orders will be midnight. Please order at

There is a Inwood CSA yahoo group set up for anyone who would like to join. Go to group/inwoodcsa/ for more information, or simply enter your email address below.

Subscribe to the Inwood CSA Yahoo Group

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for next year's CSA, please send us an email, and reference "Inwood CSA" in the subject line. Send the email to

End of Year 2013 Newsletter:

  • End of Year 2013 Newsletter.